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KOBO have earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s premier producers of hot foil printing equipment. A reputation gained as a result of vast experience in building high quality hot foil stamping presses across all industry sectors. KOBO machines have been purpose designed to handle hot foiling in all its many forms. The result is a range of hot foil printing machines catering for the requirements of the home printer through to demanding commercial applications. The Association of Hot Foil Printers are therefore proud to be associated with the KOBO range of vertical action hot foil blocking machinery.

All KOBO hot foil printing machines have in-built design features which contribute to their versatility and ease of use.
Fast foil loading.
• Smooth controlled power.
• Simple one-handed pressure control.
• Easy adjustment for differing products.
• Uncomplicated mounting of printing plates.
• Straightforward placement of large or awkward products.

Three of the most popular hot foil blocking machines in the KOBO range are shown below. All KOBO hot foil stamping machines include instruction manuals, training and full back-up from ourselves and KOBO-UK.

The KOBO Group produce a range of around 15 different hot foil printing machines to suit all markets.

We’ve chosen to highlight the three most popular machines, based on their practicality and versatility across the broadest spectrum of uses.

However we will be pleased to quote for the supply of any hot foil machines from the KOBO range.

Export enquiries are also welcome.


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